Self Heal Flower Essence   (Prunella Vulgaris)

 Solar. Mells, Somerset                                                                                                     





Self Heal is a wonderful little flower that is also known as All Heal.

Self Heal Essence communicates to us where our healing blockages lie and how to work with them. This essence activates a basic trust in healing along with the body's own capacity to heal itself. Self Heal can teach us self- love in profound ways, showing us how to truly nurture and sustain ourselves.


Indicated for those who:-

Feel powerless to heal

Struggle to really care for and nurture themselves 

Have lost interest/will in possibility of healing

Are over reliant on others and external forms of healing

Have tried many different types of therapies and feel stuck.

Self Heal Essence Offers:-

Understanding around how to put ourselves first and give priority to our needs and give ourselves the tender care that we deserve.

Awareness of unhelpful patterns

Awareness of new healing possibilities

Renewed enthusiasm for life, living and healing

Gives us a felt and firm place in the process of healing

Opens paths to new and appropriate experiences of health and support