Dandelion Flower Essence 



DETOXification on all levels

Feeling driven/compulsions/addiction of any kind

Feeling not good enough/  over' enthusiasm/ perfectionism

Solar plexus issues - emotional and physical

Liver gallbladder problems

Muscle tension


Burn out/chronic fatigue

Chronic stress/ptsd

Disconnection from body and bodily needs

Feeling powerless

Shadow work





Ability to go with the flow

Release of emotional trauma such as anger, bitterness and powerlessness

Release of physical toxins on all levels

Calmness and groundenness

Letting go/surrender

Aids in organising and physical manifestation

( If you re wanting to manifest your life's work you might be interested in

Bee Orchid Essence -see menu)

This common 'weed' is  an Amazing, Generous Vibrant flower with many offerings.

Dandelion instigates and promotes a DEEP cleansing of TOXIC IMPRINTS on physical, emotional and mental levels. There is a strong resonance with all detoxing organs, particularly, the liver and gall bladder . Dandelion encourages awareness and contact of our body and the honouring its needs and rhythms.

Where needed, Dandelion teaches the 'right' place of assertive power and action in the world in a way that serves us and otherS.

Where needed, Dandelion flower teaches to let go to whatever we are resisting, to face our discomfort and know that we ARE guided.

Ultimately Dandelion takes us on a journey of identifying and releasing what no longer serves us. This process is held by increasing our self and divine awareness whilst being firmly and loving anchored in this earth. Finally Dandelion Essence is highly recommended for use with oils in massage due to it's has remarkable ability to release holding from muscle tissue.