Jay Qualified as Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner in 2010. She holds a Diploma in Vibrational Medicene.

How consultations can be helpful...

Consultations can help us access and shift core issues that we may not be fully aware of.  We sometimes need an Essence Practitioner, someone who may have additional insights that we cannot quite see  and someone who is skilled in determining an essence that is specific and resonates with our needs.  When attending only to surface symptoms and feelings, essences may be less helpful overall. Essences will be most helpful and noticeable when they touch into the core of the emotional challenges we are experiencing.



To book a Consultation

Contact me via email on the contact page of this website 

Consultations Available

By phone: Convenient and provides immediate contact.  Please email to make a telephone appointment.

By Skype: For those those live further afield and who prefer visual contact. Please email me to arrange a session.

By email: Helpful for those who not feel comfortable/ able to use telephones or speak easily.

In person: I offer face to face sessions.  These sessions can give the additional opportunity of being able to connect Creatively with your-self and your essence/s via gentle, Intuitive Art Processes.

How I work

                                                       I lean towards person centred ways of working which is different to many approaches.  This way of working has a deep respect for client choice and personal power. I trust that we each have the our own inner wisdom and I am interested in helping people experience, develop and know this for themselves.

I hold a Safe, empathic space where I can Deeply Listen to you and where you may be able to Understand and Hear yourself too. 

  I work according to what is needed for each person and may offer sessions which allow you to explore issues via non verbal methods such as movement or art ( please see my pages about Person Centred Expressive Arts in the menu).

I also offer my Intuitive impressions where appropriate and Support. After the consultation I will discern a flower essence/s for you.   Essence/s can then be posted out to you.     

I work  with a wide variety of essences from around the world as well as my own Elf Light Essences.


Consultations  £45 for those living in Wales.  £ 55 for those living outside of Wales 

 All consultations include a 30 ml dosage bottle of selected essence/s which is  posted 1st class to you.

Reduced Fees

Reduced fees of £25 apply to:-

Children (under 16) 

Those on minimum wage or dependent on pension/benefits.

Please note: if you feel you would benefit from a Consultation and cannot afford the reduced fee, please contact me anyway to discuss possible options.