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I sought Jay's help for a 'physical' issue and found her to be highly sensitive and intuitive. She seemed to be able to bridge the divide between my somewhat dense human experience and the more subtle plant energies of her essences, as though she has one foot in the human world and the other in the fairy realm. You'll know what I mean when you meet her! She listened with a great quality of attention and empathy and appears to have a deep understanding of suffering which makes her a compassionate and natural healer. Yet she also has that fairy lightness and a twinkle in her eye. She helped me to make connections between physical and emotional issues, and knew exactly what was needed. Jay is clearly committed to and passionate about her work. I can see that she brings something special and much needed to this world.


Mina Tulip ( Soul Counsellor) Wales

I just wanted to thank you. You really listened to me, I felt like you heard every word, understood and met me in so many ways.  I have been in therapy for the last 2 years and have never felt this understood and held. I felt and feel very safe with you almost straight away and that for me is really unusual.  I will let you know how the essences go, thank you so much again.

Anna, Cumbria


Very relaxing and gave a sense of inner peace similar to a very good meditation session, body felt much lighter and mind sharper. Sense of inner peace very noticeable and my energy levels seem much higher and more sustainable.. my clarity of mind has improved  and consequently this seems to have improved my confidence as a result.

Thank you Mark, Scotland on Sunflax Flower Essence


In all honesty, wonderful. The essences helped me to feel a lot better about myself, my past and my future. Enabled me to move forward during a very challenging phase of my life.Life doesn't feel like such a struggle anymore, and I feel like I can flow with life rather than fight with it!


100% loved, supported and understood xx

Viv London Re: Essence consultation 



Fantastic essence, is powerful/gentle and works quickly, very impressed! 

 Concetta, UK  on Sunflax Flower Essence





I took it before I said my prayers and it was absolutely amazing, it helped me to focus on my communication with the divine and get rid of 'background' chatter in my head. I suffer with anxiety disorder and sometimes it can be really hard to let go of the things that  are worrying me, to focus on my spiritual self, the essence made it really easy! Thanks to this I feel much more connected. It was so good at clearing my head, I also used it at times when I woke in the night and couldn't get back to sleep, very helpful after nightmares..........

Very grateful to be part of the trial, in all honesty if I had seen them in a shop I probably wouldn't have bought them because they would be something I don't know. I would  definitely buy them now! I would love to know where I can get them and also what the essence I had was designed to or  intended to do...

Katie, Glastonbury UK  on Yellow Monkey Flower Essence


Really professional, Excellent service, great essence with loads of info too!  

Alex, Cyprus.  on Snowdrop Flower Essence. we move on to my essence, again amazing!!!! at how you chose 'Blue Moon' for me. ....wonderfully matched for me and applies what I need to address... 


Before reading your mail, as per usual  I switched on the radio, the track that came on was 'Blue moon' and I sang along with it, not all the lyrics but the very ones you quoted on the Essence Info .... remembering my Mum and Dad used to Sing and Dance to it... fits like a glove....

A very big thank you for allowing us to be part of your essence trials  and that you're doing wonderful work, may you continue to do wonderful work, may you always be showered in divine and positive blessings....

I would also like to order this essence.......

with very warm wishes .....

Carla, Scotland     on Blue Moon Essence


Beautiful essence, good instructions 

Anon UK on Buttercup Flower Essence 

..........essences arrived today, they seem to glow with lovely energy! ......... thank you for all your care and the attention you pay, its really felt.

Debra, Cumbria


Lovely essence, AAA+ would recommend

Anon. UK  on Snowdrop Flower Essence



...... really powerful essence.. how can a little white flower do that!! ...... I was not quite prepared for the intense bout of grieving but at the same time I knew somewhere that I needed it.....feel so  much clearer now, like my tears have washed so much away and there is a little window of optimism growing every day. Thank  you Thank you! This is a powerful essence!

Love Sarah, Somerset   on Snowdrop Essence